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The Artist’s Eye on Life – An abstract view through color.

Christine A. Morgan, Cape Elizabeth artist and graphic designer, is formally trained in oil painting techniques from Dean College, Franklin, Massachusetts. Christine continued her passion for art at UMass-Dartmouth, receiving a bachelor’s degree in graphic art.

Christine enjoys capturing the unique expression of everyday life through abstract. Starting with emotional and personal life experiences, Christine recalls these experiences through oil paint on panel. Quick, brightly colored brushstrokes give voice to each work of art, expressing on canvas meaning to –and of – an artist’s life. Life is a colorful palette, giving a creative sixth sense to looking at the world around us.  Christine applies several layers of oil to panel to give the effulgent intensity of color emanating from each abstract.

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A diverse, freelance oil painter specializing in Abstract and Surreal/Realist works of art. Recent pursuits include pet portraits and unique images focused on realist to abstraction. Christine has exhibited at numerous shows throughout Maine and one of her paintings (9/11 seen below) was exhibited in The Blaine House (home to Maine’s Governors and their families).

Christine formerly owned a design/marketing firm, Creative Marketing Trends, LLC, presently called Cam the artist. Christine combines graphic art experience with her fine art background to leverage many techniques, styles and mediums: logo designs, black & white surrealist still life's, and abstracts to expressionistic works in oil. Her surrealistic style in oil utilizes an unusual technique; the use of small areas of color to accentuate the black and white highly contrasts image(s).