Cam the Artist Paint Away Pain... an interview by founder of PelotonLabs, Liz Trice

This Friday is my solo show at Peloton Labs 795 Congress Street, Portland Maine. The exhibit is titled ARTmosphere featuring wonderful of example of mix media works.

I am pleased to share February 20, 2019 Portland’s Local Newspaper “West End News” article of my exhibit.

Every Month PelotonLabs founder Liz Trice interviews a Peloton member or artist for the West End News. This month Liz caught up with Christine Morgan (a.k.a CAM the Artist), whose abstract expressionist show “ARTmosphere” opens on February 1 at PelotonLabs, 5:30-7:30pm

What's special about this show?

My love of Maine - sunsets, seasonal colors - inspires in me the desire to paint abstractions that lend themselves to interpretive communions between viewer and my paintings. I love painting with color palettes that stretch the boundaries of how texture works with oil and acrylic — a layering of color on color. As an artist, you're always looking for a unique color palette, and the use of texture - thick, knife paste-work — pushes the color to the surface. This technique is on display at my current show.

I love the Russian abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky – he's an artist who did textural and collage work and was one of the first artists that really made use of bright hues right out of the tube. His use of geometric shapes, such as associating circles with peaceful emotions and being representative of the human soul, was brilliant, in my opinion.

You started out as a graphic designer, correct?

Yes. I first worked for a newspaper, and then did graphic design campaigns, such as ad posters for banks for almost 15 years. Unfortunately- or fortunately! - due to health problems I could no longer work a 9-5 job, so I moved into financial planning, which afforded me more flexible hours. Part of my ongoing health issues were the result of several concussive car accidents. I get joy and creative relief from painting which helps me deal with my pain levels.

How does making art help you cope with pain?

Studies have demonstrated that art therapy can help with chronic pain. I agree. It actually changes my brain direction - literally displaces me, removes my mind, from the chronic pain cycle. If you can focus on something that gives you so much pleasure – it helps push the pain down and allows you to better concentrate on my art.

Would any focus bring relief from pain, or is there something special about art?

Art is all I've known. I've moved from creating art sitting at a computer all day as a graphic designer to now being allowed the freedom and flexibility to sit, stand, lie down - and let my whole body tell me how and when to create art. Whenever you focus on your passion, it makes whatever you do more enjoyable. In the studio, I like to put on a documentary about an artist, and I'll paint, and the outside world drops away. I can let it all go.

Tell me about your role as curator for other artists?

I was approached by Quincy Hentzelat, chief executive officer of the Portland Regional Chamber. The Chamber has a wonderful space, and together she and I collaborated to take advantage of this gallery-like space to give local artists, especially new ones, the chance to show their work and hopefully gain visibility.

A lot of galleries in the area are closing. It’s rewarding for me to help find Maine artists that have the talent and the drive to exhibit – I want to give them the help that I had starting out. And if I can be a mentor - even better!

You said galleries in Portland are closing?

In the last decade, at least a dozen or so prominent galleries in Portland have closed. Mortar and brick storefronts, like retail! - is expensive, so many galleries are choosing the virtual, online route.

What Peloton is doing - businesses collaborating with artists to exhibit art – that's the way things are going. Thank you so much for allowing us to exhibit with you.

It's our pleasure. We occasionally have to go a few weeks without art, and it's always depressing. It really reminds us how much life and warmth art brings to a space.

You can see CAM's work at PelotonLabs during February and March, and online at

Her next new show of Maine Artists will be in the month of April at the Portland Chamber of Commerce.

PelotonLabs is a coworking space in Bramhall Square in the the West End of Portland, Maine with a mission to connect and encourage people to improve their lives and contribute to the world around them.

New Cam the Artist Exhibition for the Month of May

Cam the Artist will be exhibiting in the New Stier Family Gallery, Thomas Memorial Library in Cape Elizabeth Maine. For the month May, Cape Elizabeth artist Christine A. Morgan is exhibiting her new collection of textured, abstract expressionist oil-paintings.

As an artist, Christine finds joy in walking the local beaches at sunset with her husband and two American Eskimo puppies. Of late, she has delighted in breaking from traditional processes – like the familiar gestural abstractions of a Pollack or de Kooning – by adding layers of textured sand to her oil-on-wood panel and canvas seascapes to convey the wonder and beauty in the ever-changing Maine seashore after tidal highs and lows.

“Sunset,” says Christine, “is like the day exhaling its last breathe in a shimmering bloom of kaleidoscopic colors dancing on the water and sandy shore. It’s like having an encounter with the divine – or taking a walk on some foreign planet.” Driven to express this visual wonder, Christine first primes the canvas with layers of bright hues across the horizontal plane and then repeating mirror images in the water. Once the sunset colors are to her liking, she moves on to “playing in mud.” Molding sand into a textured paste, she then applies the mixture over the painted shoreline, leaving pockets of color in the forsaken tidal pools and skewed rivers running to the sea.

Christine is a graduate of UMass Dartmouth, with a baccalaureate in Fine Arts and Visual Arts. Her paintings have been exhibited at a number of galleries in Maine, including the Lewis Gallery and Wing Spread Gallery in Northwest Harbor and Southwest Harbor, Roux and Cry International Fine Art Gallery in Portland, Maine, respectively.

All works are for sale.

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